Marriage Lines: See just how much your hands can say

Marriage Line splitsThe marriage line are located near the side of the hand, under the pinky finger. They are horizontal lines that are usually harder to spot than the longer and deeper lines running through the center of the palm. The relative depth of the line is the distinction between romances and marriages, while lines closer to the finger indicate that the marriage is later in life. A fork towards the side of the hand indicates a long engagement, while a fork in the palm (or a break anywhere in the line) indicates a potential separation.

Is your marriage line going upwards?

The more risen your marriage line, the happier you are. You won’t have to worry about marriage, you will have the good one. You will be able to have (or “already have”) the family that smiles won’t extinct.Even if you are currently single, you will have the marriage life that you dreamt about in the future. You will feel loved as much as you love somebody. If your partner have this line, don’t let him/her go! Your partner will lead you to the perfect marriage. If you are already married and have this line, you are giving great atmosphere in your home.

Is your marriage line going downwards?

The more declining your marriage line is, the less positive you are about marriage. Or you know you have problems in marriage.

To singles, you are not believing in marriage. Or you are broken hearted, you can’t be positive about love right now.

If you are already married, this is a sign for you to take another look about your relationship you’re your partner. Have the time to discuss if your relationship is going ok with your partner. Try to respect your partner’s opinions during the discussion too.

Goes way down to cut your heart line You may already have big hole in your marriage. If you are single and have this line, you really don’t believe in marriage.

Long and crossed with vertical line under your ring finger You will manage to make a brilliant marriage with wealthy man or woman. You will be rich by marriage.
Even though your partner is not currently rich, you will get wealthy together in the future. Or by marriage, your career luck will go sky high.

Many short marriage lines You are always in one-sided love.

Couple lines and are crossed to each other You are hunting right now. You are irresponsible in love.
In any status, you are always looking for new partners.

Split end You have a line called "divorce line".

This line shows break up is coming your way.

Sprit marriage line and after sprits there’s another line You will get back together and get marry with one of your ex. You are tend to bring your past, and often time, you apt to romanticize your past relationships.

Two marriage lines and these become one You will take long time to get married. You will have long relationship but can’t commit to the marriage. If your partner have this palm, you need to prepare for the long ride to the marriage.

Men with have many vertical lines on top of your marriage line You have a lot of (or strong) sexual desire and you are a man of unequaled energy.

Island(s) on your marriage line Your attracted to taboos and forbidden romance. Also, you might be into abnormal sexuality. If you don’t have those tendency, your partner might be cheating.

Don’t have marriage line It means that marriage is not yet reality in your life right now. You may be focusing on your career or hobbies. If you are already married and don’t have the marriage line, you don’t have interest in your partner and you may be sexless for a while.

This is not typical marriage line, but if you are a female and find a chains that curb the base on your thumb, it’s easy to get pregnant right now. This line means that you are physiologically ready to have a baby.

Multiple Marriage Lines with Mixed Grains 

A person with more than two marriage lines that are inundated with mixed grain isusually very passionate and constantly involved in romantic relationships. This person attracts friends of the opposite sex and is likely to be involved in one relationship after another. He or she may have several marriages and encounter unpleasant life experiences due to his or her partners.

Splits at Beginning of Marriage Line
Splits at the beginning of marriage line, which is underneath the pink, indicate re-union after separation.

Splits at End of Marriage Line  Splits at the end of marriage line, which is the end closer to the index finger, indicate separation. A small split indicates physical separation, possibly due to work-related travelling, while a large split indicates a potential divorce.
Men and women, who have splits on their right hand will unfortunately, experience marriages that end in divorces or deaths of their partners.

Women who have splits on their right hand are likely to undergo surgical operations or initiate separation with their partners.

Having split marriage lines on both hands signifies high likelihood of divorce.
Having split marriage lines on one hand indicates difficulties in settlement of a divorce.
Another marriage line above a split marriage line indicates a new marriage after divorce.
Splits at Both Ends of Marriage Line

Splits at both ends of marriage line indicate that an individual will experience a hard-to-get marriage that ends with divorce.

Split Marriage Line with Mixed Grain
Split marriage line with mixed grain indicates high risk of divorce, which could be resulted by exposure of adultery. Nevertheless, it also indicates opportunities of new romances after divorce.

Now let’s have a quick look at six variations of the marriage line.
In diagram A, where there are two parallel lines, the potential of a triangular relationship may occur. If the lower line is weak, there will be an intense likelihood of other relationships before marriage. If the above line is weak, there may be likelihood that you may be unfaithful to your partner after marriage.
In diagram B, where the two lines are further apart indicates a stable relationship. However if the marriage is an early one, the relationship may end in divorce, and another marriage. If the marriage is later, the marriage may be a very stable one. 
This may result in a person having a good spouse, good children and few financial worries. Let me state here the number of marriage lines on your hand DOES NOT represent the number of times you will marry. There are many factors to consider here, especially the age you first marry, and this may relate to your own personal maturity at the time of marriage, amongst so many other things. Again here the strength of each line has some importance. A strong lower line means very few issues will arise during marriage, but if the upper line is strong, there could be divorce and remarriage.
In diagram C, where there are three lines, such people will be passionate, affectionate, warm hearted, but find fidelity very difficult.
In diagram D, where they are many crisis-crossing lines means that you have a tendency to be unfaithful. These people have little control over their passion and lust.
In diagram E, where there is a merging of the two marriage lines to become one, you journey to marriage may be difficult with many challenges in the way. However once you have married your relationship should be a very happy one. This will be particularly so if the single merged line is a strong one.
In diagram F, where there are many small lines protruding above the marriage line, this person will enjoy strong affection, love and also the material things of life from their marriage. However if lines protrude below the marriage line the marriage may go through very hard times and challenges.


1. If Marriage Line combines with Heart Line then there are chances that person will have Love Marriage but there is always danger to partner’s life or Breakup.  (fig-1A)

Fig 1B

If there is a parallel Marriage Line above the Marriage Line which combines with heart line then it is clear indication of Breakup of first affair or Love Marriage.  The reason may be partner’s or lover's death or anything.   (Fig 1B)

Fig-2 (A)

2. If Fate Line is good and an Influence Line from Mount Of Moon comes and joins Fate Line then it indicates Love Marriage.  (fig-2A) After the Joining point if the Fate Line is broken and weak or cuts by influence line then it is possible that Love Marriage may end in Break up or deception in love/affair.   (fig-2B)


3. If there is fork sign (<) at the end of Marriage Line it indicates chances of Break up. If fork is not big then it means Break up for some period of time, reason being differences of opinion, Extramarital Affair.  (Fig-3)


4. If fork (>) is at the beginning of Marriage Line there would be lots of problems in getting married or remaining unmarried or first phase of Married Life is problematic.   (fig-4)


5. If Marriage Line is forked and one branch of fork meets with Heart Line then it indicates Extramarital Affair, most probably in blood relation.  In this situation Breakup is possible.   (fig 5)


6. If fork on marriage line and one branch of fork crosses the Heart Line and then crosses Head Line then the person could lose mental balance due to failure/disappointment in love/marriage. If this line cuts the Fate Line and Life Line then it indicates death/suicide. (fig 6)


7. If a line raised from Heart Line reaches the middle of the fork then it indicates that the person could have a third person in life which could become the cause of his/her death also. (fig-7)


8. If a branch from Head Line reaches the middle of the fork then there would be always tension in Married Life due to difference of opinions.  (fig-8)


9. If Fate Line is cut by an Influence Line which comes from Mount Of Venus then it indicates divorce or death of partner and also loss from relative. If Influence Line from Mount Of Moon cuts Fate Line then it indicates Divorce or Breakup and also loss from In both Cases mostly problems created in marriage by relatives, family members and opposite sex. (fig-9)

Fig 10

10. If there is break in Fate Line on Mount Of Rahu and other part of Fate Line goes towards Mount of Jupiter then it indicates Divorce, most of the time the person himself/herself is responsible for Divorce. (fig 10)

Fig 11

11. If Fate Line is cut by Influence Lines which come from Mount Of Negative Mars then it indicates enemies causing problems in love and relationship matters. (fig 11)

Fig 12 A

Fig 12B

12. If a branch of Heart Line goes to Mount of Jupiter then it indicates Love Marriage (fig 12A), but if this branch is cut by any Vertical Line then it indicates Break-Up. (fig 12B)

Fig 13

13.  If Marriage Line joins Girdle Of Venus then this indicates sad Married Life. (Fig 13)

Fig 14

14. If there is a parallel line close to Love Line then it indicates there was a relationship before marriage and this will be going on after marriage also (extramarital). (fig 14)

(fig 15)

15. If there is a small Vertical parallel line close to the Fate Line in quadrangle then it indicates starting of new relationship/Extramarital Affair or new business. (fig 15)

16. If a small semi-circle line coming from Little Finger on Mount Of Mercury then it indicates that person will get married in old age due to obligation. 

17. If branch of Heart Line goes towards Mount Of Saturn then it indicates an affair .  If this branch cut by any Horizontal Line or the branch curved back like hook towards heart line then it indicates unsuccessful affair or affair will ruin person’s life.



There are so many signs and indications that tell whether the person would be having Divorce or Separation. But when you predict this type of thing you should not be telling it directly. You should always convey it indirectly because predicting this with accuracy needs a lot of experience and practice. Some common major indications about Divorce and Separation are:

1. If a branch of Fate Line is raised from Mount Of Rahu or middle of Mount Of Rahu or Mount Of Ketu and conjunct with Heart Line then it indicates love converting into marriage but the person could get Divorce or may have Extramarital Affair. You should also consider Marriage Line.  If a branch of Fate Line is raised from Mount Of Rahu and cuts the Heart Line then it indicates love not converting in marriage or if converts then the person will get Divorced after a short period of time. 


2. If a big fork in Marriage Line then this indicates trouble in Married Life and Divorce but if the fork is not big then it would indicate Separation for some time.  (fig 20)

3. If Marriage Line is cut by any Influence Line then it indicates Separation from partner due to any reason. 

Fig 22

4. If two strong Marriage Lines are running parallel then it also indicates Divorce.  Person will have two marriages.  (fig 22)

5. If a branch of Life Line is cut by an Influence Line which is raised from inside of Life Line and goes to Mount Of Saturn then it indicates Divorce.

6. If an Influence Line raised from inside of Life Line goes to Mount Of Saturn and gets forked there then it indicates sad Married Life or Divorce.  

7.  An Influence Line turned towards Mount Of Venus which runs parallel to the Life Line indicates Separation.  

8. An Influence Line raised from a line running parallel to Life Line joins Heart Line indicates Divorce.  

9.  Branch of Life Line cut by Influence Lines coming from inside of Life Line indicates Divorce.  

10.  If Marriage Line slopes down towards Heart Line but not touch the Heart Line then it indicates always quarrels between the couple.  

There are so many other signs and indications but I have given here the most common which you find in hands but sometimes it is noted that even with these indications a person has good Married Life and he may have some other problems.  So you need a lot of practice on these.
In summary, the marriage line tells us about of interrelationship aspect of our personality. Where our marriage lines indicate potential fickleness, unfaithfulness, and infidelity, the reading our palm gives us the opportunity to become aware of our POTENTIAL shortcomings. If you believe that knowing your personal weaknesses is 50% of the cure, then the marriage line goes a long way in providing an insight into what your future relationships might be like if you don’t head the warnings your palm indicate to you.

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