Hand Reading: Apollo Line

The line of Apollo is a vertical line rising, if long, from the upper part of the Mount of Moon, if short, higher in the hand, and running toward the Mount of Apollo, sometimes ending high on that mount, and sometimes not reaching to it (422). 

If has been variously called the line of the Sun and the line of Brilliancy, and to it has been ascribed the gift of great artistic talents, wealth, and fame. It is one of the most thoroughly misunderstood of all the lines, and the mistaken reading of it has caused practitioners many mortifications. Whenever a good line of Apollo was seen, it has been customary to "gush" about the wonderful talent the subject possessed for art, music, the stage, and various other artistic callings, of which perhaps no idea had previously entered their mind. Often a subject especially well fitted to be a good house-wife has been made to feel indignant towards her parents by some well meaning palmist because alleged latent talents were not discovered and developed. 

Absence, Too Short, Clear, Narrow
● If you find your sun line is very short or absent, it indicates that you enjoy an ordinary life without name or fame during the whole life. If it’s absent, you are difficult to get success no matter how hard you try. If it’s too short, it shows you couldn’t enjoy the joys until the old age. In general, people working in enterprises and institutions usually have this kind of short line.
● A clear sun line indicates a good taste for art or literature.
● A narrow line shows a frustrated life and a hard marriage. The career in the youth and middle age is usually common without any big achievement. Till the old age, you could become outstanding. 

Fig 2

Fig 1
Starting from the Palm Base and Going Straight to the Top

A sun line starting from the base of the palm and goes straight to the Mount of Moon (located below the ring finger) is thought to be auspicious. It indicates a good luck in wealth and marriage.  (Fig 1)

Starting from the Palm Base and Ending at the Center of the Hand
It shows a great success in the young age and a decline from the middle age. This may be caused by your satisfaction with your present status thus stop making great effort in life from the middle age.  (Fig 2)

Fig 4

Fig 3
Stopped by Head Line
If your sun line starts from the base of the palm and ends at the head line shows a good luck at your young age. You usually are smart and easy to gain success before your 35s. (Fig 3)

Starting from the Head Line
If your sun line starting from the head line and extends to the Mount of Moon, it indicates a quick mind and success with the assistance of the social relationship. You usually are good at social skills and smart enough to make great achievement. In addition, if your little finger is long and head line is strong, you could get success more easily. (Fig 4)

Fig 6

Fig 5
Starting from the Center of the Hand

If your sun line starts from the center of the hand, you are usually a late bloomer. Your life in early years is usually very hard. With your constant effort, you begin to get fame and success from the middle age. (Fig 5)
Starting from the Heart Line
If your sun line starts from the heart line and ends at the base of ring finger, it indicates you have a strong interest in art. Also, it shows that you could enjoy a good luck, and gain both fame and wealth from your 40s. (Fig 6)

Fig 8

Fig 7
Starting from Mount of Venus
The sun line begins from the Mount of Venus (the portion of the palm surrounded by the life line at the base of the thumb) and extends to the base of the ring finger usually could gain both wealth and fame with the help of family. (Fig 7)

Starting from the Upper Mars
Sun line starting from the Mount of Upper Mars (located between the head line and heart line, under the little finger) and ending at the base of the ring finger indicates a successful career based on the down-earth manner. You usually are diligent and have a super endurance and a great restraint. Ever in the flashy show biz, you are well-regulated. In all, you could achieve success depending on your skills and effort. (Fig 8)

Fig 10

Fig 9
Starting from Fate Line

If you sun line starts from the fate line and extends to the top, it indicates an outstanding achievement and respect from others due to your great effort and hard working. (Fig 9)

Starting from Life Line
If your sun line starts from the life line, it indicates you are extraordinary talent and could get an important academic position during your life. You are usually a talented writer. Even if you engage in manual work, you could be elevated to a high position with your constant struggle.  (Fig 10)

Fig 11

Starting from the Mount of Moon

If the line begins from the Mount of Moon (located on the base of the palm, little finger side) and extends to the top, it shows that you are popular and could get success with the help and support from others. This kind of line can mostly be found from musicians, writers and entertainers. (Fig 11)

Broken, Intermittent, Wavy
● Broken: It shows great frustrations during your career for a broken sun line; (Fig 12)
If the sun line has a break and resumes its course parallel to the break, it means you could gain recognition and success again after the past experiences. (Fig 13)

● Intermittent: An intermittent sun line indicates you are inclined to be interrupted by some base persons during the whole life. Because of this, you are hard to have big leaps in career at the same time couldn’t enjoy a happy life. (Fig 14)

● Wavy: A wavy sun line shows you lack of confidence and are not dare to face challenges in life. Therefore, there are many ups and downs in your career. Also, you are hard to get success. (Fig 15)

Fig 12

Fig 13

Fig 14

Fig 15

The line of Apollo is like the Saturn line in that it does not give any health indication. The effect of ill health may be seen as affecting the line, but the line itself will not give these indications.

The length of the line determines the extent of its influence; the longer the line the more it will sway the subject, and the shorter, the less important is it found to be. A line of Apollo reaching from the wrist to the Mount indicates the possession of great talent, so great that it will continue to develop during the life of the subject, and he will achieve much (423).

  • If the line begins low and runs only a short distance, the subject has talents, but they will not be productive of great results (424).

  • If the line rises higher and covers the space between the Head and Heart lines, the special brilliancy of the subject will operate during the formative period of life, and will be of assistance in aiding him to pass this critical period with greater ease (425).
  • If the line runs on to the Mount, the subject will be well endowed with Apollonian characteristics, and in whichever world he moves will be brilliant and acquire reputation (426).
  • Frequently the lines of Saturn and Apollo are interdependent, and in many cases one will be strong at a time when the other is weak. In such an instance they operate upon each other as sister lines, and one repairs the damage to the other (427). The presence of a good line of Apollo with the Saturn line absent will compensate for the loss of that line.

  • If the line of Apollo be present, then disappears, and afterwards begins again, the talents of the subject during the period covered by the break in the line are simply latent (428). The period of life covered by this break can be read according to the age rules. There may be a special cause why the line vanishes for a time, as ill health may render inoperative even the most brilliant talents. With such a break look for defects in the other lines and Mount which may account for it.
  • - If during this period the Life line be in any way defective, delicate health is against the operation of the subject's talents. 
  • - If at the age indicated by this space in the Apollo line, the Head line be defective, the mental power of the subject is weakened, and he cannot give the attention necessary to make his affairs successful (430). Similar defects seen in other portions of the hand, whether connected by chance lines to the space in the Apollo line or not,
  • show something which has for the time being impeded the career of the subject, by suspending the operation of his strongest talents.


To be regarded as a true line of Apollo, the line must begin more or less low in the hand, directly under the Mount and finger of Apollo. A line coming from the Life line and ending on the Mount of Apollo, while it will largely have the effect of the Apollo line, is still not, properly speaking, that line, but is a chance line, showing success of the subject arising from the same set of qualities which makes the Apollo line indicate fortunate conditions (431). 

To avoid possible confusion, it is best to limit the Apollo line to a line wholly under the Mount, and if necessity arises to read such a line as is indicated in No 431, read it as a chance line from the Life line to the Mount of Apollo, and not as the Apollo line. Use everything for what it really is, and do not get into the habit of calling all sorts of chance lines, Apollo lines. In like manner read a line rising from the Saturn line and ending on the Mount of Apollo as a branch of the Saturn line, adding greatly to the success of the career, rather than call it the Apollo line (432).

  • When the line of Apollo rises from the top of the Mount of Moon near the percussion (433), it indicates imagination and the power of language; to a line it indicates imagination and the power of language; to a line so rising we should, if the mental world be strongest, say that the subject will achieve success as an author. 
  • If the tips be conic and fingers smooth, they will love poetry.
  • If his fingers be knotty or square, they will write history, epic poems, historical novels, or works of the nature.
  • If the Mount of Mars be large, they will write of battles and heroes.
  • If Venus be large, they will move the heart and bring tears to the eye, so near to nature and human sympathy will be his productions. If Saturn he high, he will write on chemistry, physics or scientific subjects and often on history. This subject will also be a great writer of uncanny stories. Basing you estimate upon Chirognomy you can thus locate the special direction in which the line will being success.

- If a line of Apollo rises from a good Upper Mount of Mars, the subject will, by the display of calmness, resignation, resistance, and the fact that he does not allow himself to become discouraged, achieve success and reputation; the world in which he will operate to be located Chirognomically (434).

In its course through the hand the line of Apollo must run toward the Mount of Apollo, for it is the effect of the qualities of this type which give to the line its meaning and its name. There is a constant danger of reading chance lines as the Apollo line, and to avoid doing this the rule must be fixed that while in its course through the hand the Apollo line may slightly deflect, may stop at any point, throw out branches, or be met, strengthened, or crossed by chance line, the general direction of the line itself must be from the Mount of Moon to the Mount of Apollo.

Any line which cannot possibly be thus specifically classed as the line of Apollo, must be read as another line. This will increase accuracy; for only thus can a line have its proper meaning, and the erroneous reading which are constantly given to supposed Apollo line will be avoided. Most mistakes with the line come from an enthusiasm due to the fact that the influence of an Apollo line is known to be so beneficial, that practitioner are tempted to overestimate the success of their clients. This is especially true because praise is what gives greatest satisfaction and is what clients are most anxious to hear. It is easier and more profitable for the palmist, for it is remarkable how clients agree with the reader when told of brilliancy, wonderful perception, latent talents, etc., and each one will say he has always thought this was the case, but was never quite sure of it before. Palmists who have a pleasant story to tell, get the most clients, and this being known to professionals, leads to a system of flattery totally out of proportion to the subject. most of this is referred to supposed lines of Apollo for corroboration. Our effort here is to reach the facts only, that we may deal with the line just as it deserves, and in order to do this we must limit ourselves to the consideration of the lines whose course between the Mounts of the Moon and Apollo mark them unmistakably as Apollo lines.

Character of Apollo line indicates the intensity and power of the qualities it represents. The best line is that which is deep and well cut (435). This gives in the highest degree the beneficial qualities of the line, indicates success and reputation, and gives to a subject creative power in whatever world he operates. He is not one who is merely fond of color, painting, and art, but has the creative power which will enable him to produce work of merit. It distinguishes the real artist from the lover of, or dabbler in art.

  • When the first phalanges of the fingers, especially if that of Apollo, be longest, and a long deep Apollo line cuts the hand, your client is entitled to be told that in the artistic world he may achieve fame. With proper combinations this line is also seen in the hands of celebrated literary men and women. 
  • If the second phalanx of the finger be longest, with the first well developed, he will still be the artist, but will also have the ability to make money from his talents. This subject is successful in the business world, and even his money-making is done in an artistic way. In using the work "artist", do not understand that is means only a painter of pictures. If may mean a poet, an actor, a singer, or refer to any other of the artistic calling. On all sides of his character, the Apollonian loves beauty, and whatever is pleasing to the eye or sense. 
  • If the third phalanx be longest, especially if it be thick, and a deep line of Apollo is seen, the subject is not an artist, for he will like chromos better than the old masterpieces, will love high colors, flashy dressing, and will seek to display his taste on all occasions, much to the amusement of people of true artistic feelings, whose society he affects. Such subjects are always money-makers. These three illustrations show the method of applying a deep line to the three worlds of the finger, by giving an intense interpretation to the line, based upon the quality of the subject.

thin line of Apollo(436) will decrease the intensity of the reading. The subject will not have the great creative power of the deep line. If an artist, he will be more guided by the effect produced by other artists, and, whether the mental, business, or material world rule, he will acheive less celebrity and make less money.

  • If a line be broad and shallow (437) it will show that little of the Apollonian power is left. The subject will like pretty things, will be fond of artists, will affect a little bohemianism, but will avoid attempting any productions themselves. 
  • If the hand be course in its development, the taste will be for showy things, and little refinement will be indicated.
  • If the hand be refined, the subject will dress in taste, will have an eye for harmony in colorings, his home will be tastefully furnished, and he may do a little dabbling in writing or painting. From this class come the army of literary and art copyists.

chained line of Apollo (438) will indicate an utter lack of artistic talent, although the subject may be impressed with his own knowledge on matters of art, most of which is incorrect. These subjects do not realize their shallowness and most of their effort is expended in talk. In dealing with these lines, apply each one to the subject according to the world in which he moves, and give its defective operation the affairs of that world.

Color in the line of Apollo is not an important consideration, for this line does not bear upon the health of the subject. To a pink colored line give a better estimate of strength than one which is white or yellow. This is as as far as color will be considered as affecting the line of Apollo.

Defects in the line which form special signs, or which destroy its continuity, will impede its best operation. If the line be alternating deep and thin (439) the subject will have a series of successes and failures, but there will be no even, steady operation of a strong line. These subjects make some efforts which bring money and reputation, and then relapse other series of efforts followed by inaction, which is periodically replaced by other series of efforts followed by stagnation. Such subjects are brilliant "spurters," but cannot be relied upon for continuous action and achievement. 

  • If this line be strong when it terminates on the Mount, it is a much more favorable indication of final success and reputation, as the last period of the life will be one of its better efforts.

  • If the line be wavy (440) it indicates that the subject will have a vacillating career. They will be clever and able to do much in his particular world of effort, but will be erratic, unstable, unreliable, and bohemian. These people are versatile, but go off at a tangent, and waste their brilliancy and talents in "chasing butterflies" instead of pushing forward steadily in one direction. The outcome of such a line is uncertain. The subject may do something wonderful, or may pass everything by and accomplish nothing. If this line becomes strong on the Mount of Apollo, the subject will finally round up with force in some direction. It may be that he becomes a great wanderer, very erratic, or a crank, but he will earn a reputation for something. 

  • If this line should end in a star (441) the life will end brilliantly, the subject will have achieved wide reputation, and an unsteady though talented subject will have his work finally crowned with success. The direction from which this success will comes must be estimated Chirognomically. 

  • If islands be seen in the line (442) they will prove serious obstructions. Islands appearing in a deep line will show that the realization of wealth and fame will be impeded, and the subject stands in danger of a positive loss of reputation and of money. In whatever world the subject moves, he will attempt things which promise reward, but the failure of which will bring him loss.
  • If the Apollo finger be as long or longer than Saturn, the subject will be a "plunger", he will dazzle the stock market with his daring, and will take desperate chances to win. 
  • If their Head and Life line be widely separated this plunging disposition will be increased by his extreme self confidence. But with the island in the Apollo line he is in constant danger of a loss of money, and of his reputation as well.
  • If the third phalanx of the Apollo finger be long and thick, with the above combination, this subject will be the common gambler.
  • If the Mercury finger be crooked and twisted, the Heart line thin or absent, and the hand otherwise bad, he will be the card sharper and trickster, who resorts to cheating, and uses the brilliancy afforded by the Apollo line to further the basest ends. Such a line in any hand, no matter how good, should be a constant warning to the subject.

Bars cutting the line of Apollo (433) will show constant impediments to the success of the subject. When these are seen, first locate the subject's world of actions, and then apply these impediments to it. These bars may arise from various causes, all of which may be located by chance lines, Mounts, Influence lines, or other indications. 

  • If the Apollo line cuts though these bars, the subject will overcome the obstacles. 
  • If the bars cut the line, the impediments will seriously affect the career.
  • If these bars are little fine lines which seem only to run over the top of the Apollo line, they are annoying interferences, which deep the subject constantly worried and by disturbing his mental peace impede his progress.

Dots on the Apollo line (444) are a menace to the reputation of the subject. If they be small they only indicate the whispering of enemies, but it they be large and deep, they indicate the actual loss of good name. Chance line and the usual indications will locate the causes.

Breaks in the Apollo line (445) indicate setbacks to the ambition and upward course of the subject, and are impediments which destroy the usefulness of the line and render inoperative all of its beneficial influences. Such a line shows that the subject may have a strong liking for art, if that world rules, but that he will never be a producer or a creator of it; they are, if wealthy, the art patron.

If the business world be strong, these people will be only partially successful, and even with some of the beneficial effects of the line present, will make may costly mistakes. With breaks in the line, one cannot see more than ordinary success for the subject, and many failures. With all breaks seen in the line, look for repair signs which will tend to overcome the obstacles and bring about better conditions. The usual repair signs will be found in a variety of combinations (446). Such a repaired line is not better in grade than a broad and shallow one.

The termination of the Apollo line will tell the outcome of the line. 
  • If it be a deep line at the start and grows thin until it gradually fades away, the best period of the life will be during the time when the line is deep, and the wealth producing capacity will diminish as the life progresses. In this case the final success of the subject will only be ordinary (447). 
  • If a line of Apollo ends in a dot (448) the subject will after a life of prosperity lose his reputation in the end.

  • If the line of Apollo ends in a star (449) it will be an indication of brilliant success. A star on the Mount of Apollo is an electric light ending a good line, and intensifies the entire combination.
  • If the subject be mental he will win great fame and renown as a poet, writer, painter, sculptor, actor, or in other artistic callings. Bernhardt, Nordica, Modjeska, Kathryn Kidder, and many brilliant actresses, vocalists, or instrumentalists have this marking.
  • If the subject belongs to the practical world he will make money fast and easily. His ventures will be uniformly profitable, and he will be celebrated for his success. If the third phalanx of his finger predominates he may not have a high grade of refinement, but will make a great deal of money. 
  • If the line of Apollo have on it a double star the subject will be dazzling in their brilliancy and the greatest fame will come to him (450). Benhardt has this marking. In these cases the first star will indicate the age at which the subject will first achieve great success, and the star at the end of the line will indicate that this prosperity and renown will continue to the end of life.
  • If the Apollo line begins with a star and ends with one, the subject will be brilliant and successful from the time of birth, throughout the entire life (451).

  • If the line of Apollo ends in a deep bar the life will meet some obstruction near the close which will be insurmountable (452). This will be a decided check to the career and with this sign the Saturn line should be closely examined, as will as all other indications which may locate the cause.
  • If with this marking the Life line be defective at near fifty years, and continue so, ending in a tassel, fork, island, star, cross, or other defect, the subject will have ill health and delicacy at that age, from which he never recover, and which ruins his prospects in life (453).
  • If an island and a star or either be seen in the Head line at age fifty, the subject will fail in mental powers, which will check his career and put a stop to his success (454).

- If a rising split form the head line runs to a bar on the Mount, and error in calculation will cause a check to the subject's career from which they do not recover (455). Often this refers to investments made early in life, and which turn out badly. 

A cross on the end of the line of Apollo (456) is a worse obstruction than a bar. It means an absolute blemish to the reputation of the subject. It also indicates poor judgment, and the subject will make many mistakes in the course of his life, which consequently terminates unfavorably. All of thesetermination we are presuming to happen on good lines of Apollo. If they should occur on poorly marked, defective lines, their reading must be intensified, and made to agree proportionately with the poorness in quality of the line.

A square on the end of a line of Apollo will indicate protection from evils of all sorts. If will exert its influence not only on the end of the life, but during the whole of it. This is largely true of all signs that terminate a line of Apollo, but it is particularly true of the square.

- If a square should surround any of the unfavorable terminations of the line, it will to a large degree mitigate them.

An island on the end of the line of Apollo (458) is a most unfavorable indication. No matter now good the line may be, this marking will cloud the latter days of the subject, for it will indicate the loss of money and reputation.

A fork on the end of the line of Apollo (459) will indicate that the subject has talent in more than one direction, and that this diversity of talent will cause them to do less with what they has than if their efforts were concentrated.

A well marked trident on the end of the line of Apollo (460) is nearly as good a marking as a star. It indicates celebrity and wealth from mental efforts.

- If two parallel sister lines are seen on the Mount one on each side of the Apollo line (461) they give their added strength to an already fine indication. The line of Apollo is intensely favorable by itself, but when supported on both sides by strong sister lines, the subject will have the greatest success.

These were names by older palmists lines of reputation.

  • If the Apollo line runs to the Mount, and on the mount there are several or many vertical lines (462), the subject will have some talent in many directions, and because of this diversity will accomplish little.
  • If the Apollo line ends in a tassel the subject will scatter his efforts in so many directions that he will accomplish little.
  • If the Apollo line ends in a tassel (463) the subject will scatter his efforts in so many directions that he will accomplish little. Talent he has, but too diversified.

- If on the end of the Apollo line, one branch goes to the Mount of Saturn, and one to the Mount of Mercury (464), the subject will have combined wisdom (Saturn), brilliancy (Apollo), and shrewdness (Mercury), and with this combination he will reap wealth and renown.


Branches or fine lines rising from the line of Apollo will increase the good effect of the line, and when seen on a good line will make the success of the subject more certain. Their life seems buoyant enough to rise over obstacles that may get in its way, and thus they floats over the top of difficulty instead of being dragged under by it.

Fine lines falling from the line indicate that the subject will need greater and more constant effort to achieve success. They will have an up-hill pull, and there will be times when the load gets very heavy. They do not over come obstacles easily, and such a line bears no such promise of a brilliant life as when the branches rise.

Branches which leave the Apollo line and run to other lines, signs, or Mounts, will each have a special meaning, which is to be read from the place where they terminate.

  • A rising branch going to the Mount of Jupiter will show that, coupled with great talent, the subject has strong ambition and the power of leadership. With this combination they will be successful, and is sure to win fame if they do not secure wealth. 
  • If in addition a star be seen on the Mount of Jupiter the ambition will be crowned with success. 
  • If a star be also seen on the Mount of Apollo (466), they are certain to achieve great renown.
  • If such a marking be seen, the Chirognomic indications should at once be studied. A soft hand, large Mount of Venus, and conic tips will make them a musician. They will love melody best and those gay, tuneful compositions which appeal to the heart and move the feet. 
  • If a large Mount of Moon be added he will also love classical music.
  • If the fingers be square he will have rhythm and metre, and compose well.
  • If the tips be spatulate he will have the power of execution and be a brilliant performer.
  • If the fingers be square and the tips spatulate, he will be a composer and performer as well. These are in the artistic world.
  • If the practical world rules, he will be a great money-maker, will lead the business community wherever he lives, and attain celebrity in this direction. With the lower world predominating, he will be a money-maker, but loud, and coarse, and will dress and live with vulgar display.
  • If a branch from the Apollo line rises to the Mount of Saturn, wisdom, soberness, frugality, a scientific turn of mind, and the balancing qualities of Saturn will increase the success of the subject. With this combination, if their mental world predominates, they will excel in occult sciences, chemistry, physics, or mathematics. 
  • If their fingers be smooth he will be guided by inspiration in these matters; if with knotty joints he will be the reasoner and calculator; square finger will give him great exactness, and spatulate tips originality. This Apollonian-Saturnian will not be led by
  • traditions, but will think for himself. All of these faculties will increase the certainty of their success and fame. 

  • If a star is seen on the branch to Saturn, the qualities of that Mount will bring great success. If in addition a star be seen on the Mount of Apollo (467), the success of the subject is more certain.
  • If the practical world rules, the subject will gain wealth as well as fame from his efforts, and if the lower world be strong, he will be economical, frugal, and even stingy. If the thumb be stiff this will be more certain.
  • If with this marking the hand be bad, the subject will be most successful in their meanness.
  • If crosses, bars, dots, or other defects terminate the lines, the subject will be unsuccessful and will lose instead of gaining reputation.
  • If the lines have sister lines on the Mounts, they will have the greatest success (468).
  • If the lines should not reach the Mounts, and on the Mounts are seen many vertical lines, the subject will fail of ultimate success by reason of too great a diversity of effort (469).
  • If a branch from the line of Apollo rises to the Mount of Mercury the qualities of that Mount will come to the assistance of the subject. They will have shrewdness, business abilities, a scientific turn of mind, and great powers of expression, in addition to all the train of Apollonian brilliancies, and will achieve distinguished success in some direction.
  • If the mental world rules, this Apollonian-Mercurian will have fluency of expression, and make a successful author, writer, or speaker on any subject which he may study. If their fingers and tips be square he will choose common-sense, practical subjects. If conic or pointed, artistic or idealistic matters will be chosen. If spatulate they will be original in their ideas and methods of expression, and if the fingers be smooth will depend upon inspiration. If his fingers be knotty he will have everything cut and dried, prepared in advance, and a reason for everything on the end of his tongue.

If their fingers be long they will go into the detail, but if short, they will reach their climaxes and conclusions quickly.

  • If the hand be elastic they will love to work, and will accomplish much, but if soft, the subject will do more thinking than executing.
  • If the second phalanx of Mercury be long he will make a good doctor, especially if vertical lines be seen on the mount of Mercury, or he may be a good lawyer and bring to bear in the pleading of his cases forensic ability from both the Apollonian and the Mercurian types. They will be studious, ingenious, and love scientific investigations. With every subject bring to bear all the Chirognomic indications in such cases; thus you can tell from what standpoint every act will be executed.
  • If with the subject marked as No. 470, the third phalanx of the Mercury finger is longest, they will be devoted to business, shrewd, calculating, keen, and hard to beat. They know fellow men thoroughly, read character easily, and understand a good business proposition when its is presented. Spatulate tips will make him original, square tips great regularity and system, elastic consistency will give him the power to do and to accomplish, and a large thumb the determination to use his powers. Such a combination is an indication of great success and wealth.

  • If stars be seen on the Mounts of Apollo and Mercury (470), the success is intensified; if crosses, dots, bars, or other defects, the subject will make costly mistakes. If with this marking the Mercury finger be crooked or twisted, or both, the subject may use his brilliant talents to get the best of people.
  • If a branch from the Apollo line rises to the Mount of Mars (471), the subject will have added to his Apollonian character the sterling qualities of Mars. Thus he will be self-reliant, able to defend himself, not easily discouraged, and if necessary will force his way through the world. If he be a mental type of subject, he will use these physical qualities to strengthen his mental ability. If a material subject he will use his talents in the business world or he will be a soldier. If the latter he will win renown.
  • If crosses, dots, bars or other defects be seen on the Mounts of Apollo and Mars, the subject will have trials hard to overcome.
  • If sister lines run beside the line on the Mount of Mars, the subject will have added renown.
  • If a branch from the Apollo line comes from the Mount of Moon (472) the subject will have the power of imagination, the ability to paint word pictures, and a good power of expression. As an author they will be successful.
  • If the hand be a musical one they will love only the classic form.
  • If the fingers be smooth and tips conic, they will be an inspired writer and will deal in romance and poetry of a romantic character.
  • If the fingers be knotty, he will write prose, and if at all poetic will incline to the epic form.
  • If a star be seen on the end of the Apollo line the subject will achieve great renown from these spheres of action. 
  • If crosses, bars, dots, or other defects end the line, he will make errors which will interfere with his reputation.

  • If a line runs from the Apollo line to a strong Mount of Venus (473) the subject will be passionately fond of music of a melodious character. This will be accented if the fingers be smooth and tips conic or pointed.
  • If this subject be an instrumentalist, they will excel in expression and feeling.
  • If the fingers be square, they will excel in rhythm and metre, and if spatulate in technique.
  • If they have square fingers and spatulate tips they will have both rhythm and technique. If with such a hand the consistency be soft or flabby, the subject will love to hear music, but will never have the energy to acquire proficiency in it. 
  • If a star be seen on the Mount of Apollo, the subject will achieve great distinction as a musician. 
  • If crosses, bars dots, or other defects be seen on this line or the termination, they must be read as impediments to the musical success of the subject.
  • A branch from the line of Apollo merging into the Head line (474) will indicate that the subject will receive support from his mental power. If the Head line be strong and vigorous, it will show that a powerful brain has given them judgment and self-control which have contributed to this success. The formation of a triangle a the point where the branch reaches the Head line is an indication of unusual mental power.
  • If a line from the line of Heart merges into the Apollo line (475) the subject will be much assisted by goodness of heart. Warmth of heart, sympathy, and an affectionate disposition make friends who materially assist in promoting the interests of a subject.

  • Influence lines from the Mount of Venus which run along the side of the line of Apollo show the assistance of relatives to the success of the subject (476). These have often been read as legacies from relatives, but they do not necessarily indicate this particular form of help. They are sympathy, counsel, and support, as well as financial aid.
  • If a line branching from the Heart line cuts the line of Apollo, the affections will stand in the way of the subject's success (477).
  • The line of Apollo, when based upon and fitted to the subject, can thus in many ways be made of wonderful value in the complete delineation of the hand. Standing as it does, when good, for a brilliant career, we cannot afford to pass it by because of errors that have crept into its treatment in the past. By keeping constantly in mind the fact that it does not always apply to art, but to every form of daily occupation, we can divest it of the inaccuracies that have grown around it when estimated only as relating to an artistic career. Remembering that it is the "Line of Capability," and that it indicates the possibility of a vast amount which can be accomplished in some direction, we may be the aid of Chirognomy tell in what direction the capability exists. By following the line from the source to termination and by noting each variation in its character, each defect which may appear, all chance lines which merge into, cut, or run alongside of it, by noting the source of each of these chance lines, and by applying the qualities of this source as a help or hindrance to the line, you can reason out any formation or combination of the Apollo line which can possibly occur.

Many such have been told that the world was the loser because they have never entered their proper sphere. Sometimes these great talents have been ascribed to people who were color blind or musically deaf, and both palmist and client have wondered at the failure of a good line of Apollo to give the indication. This has not been entirely the fault of practitioners, for such interpretations have been sanctioned by the best authors. In many cases conscientious students have dropped the use of the line entirely, deeming it unreliable and misleading. This is certainly true of it according to its present understanding, and it had much better be dropped than used as extravagantly as it has been in the past.

"The line of Apollo, running as it does to the Mount of that name, emphasizes the Apollonian traits and qualifications. The Apollonian is brilliant, consequently the line of Apollo indicates brilliancy, and the subject who has it should shine in art and artistic callings" Such is the reasoning from which the present interpretation of the line was derived, and it would be good reasoning if one factor had not been forgotten. The Apollonian has many sides to his character; there are good, bad, and indifferent subjects of this type. He also moves in one of the three worlds, the mental, practical, or material, in any of which he may be brilliant and successful, and in any of which he may secure fame or wealth. But if an Apollonian who is built to shine in the material world has a good line of Apollo, and you tell him he is a great artist, you have placed him out of his sphere, and made an error which counts against the accuracy of the science of Palmistry. If this same subject had been told that he was brilliant in the world of material matters, perhaps a successful gamester, an owner of racehorses, a leading butcher, or foremost in other callings in which some Apollonians engage with success, the estimate would have been correct. It is the reading of a line of Apollo as always indicating wealth and fame derived from artistic pursuits that has impaired its usefulness and successful application. It is the attempt to make the line of Brilliancy always indicate brilliancy in art, which is onlyone of the directions it may take, and the disregard for the fact that a subject may be brilliant in many directions, that has made the reading of the line of Apollo so inaccurate. The line of Apollo, like all other lines, can only be successfully used when it is made to fit the subject. It is only accurate when the subject has first been understood and the line had been applied to them, and it never as been and never will be accurate when the attempt is made to force every subject to fit the line. 

No better name has ever been given this line than the line of capability. This name expresses in a nut shell the ideawhich should be applied to the line. It indicates a capability or possibility of accomplishing a great deal, the field in which the capability will best operate to be shown by chirognomy, indicating the forces behind, which will direct the ability into some calling which produces results. 

A good line of Apollo is undoubtedly an indication of the possession of the characteristics of the Apollonian, who makes, friends, money, and reputation more easily than any other type. But in reading the qualities of the line be sure that you have placed the subject in his proper world, after which you can successfully apply the brilliancy indicated by the line to the affairs of that world. You will not find a great number of really fine Apollo lines, though will see a good many of some value; but by far the greatest number of hands examined will have no Apollo line at all.

The presence of a fine line of Apollo is an indication that the subject has been endowed with exceptional talents for getting on in the world, and if other parts of the hand be good, he most surely will do so. The line of Apollo must be estimated continually in the light of the Chirognomic development of the subject. A fine line of Apollo is ruined by a flabby hand, a weak thumb, a poor Head line, poor Mounts of Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus, or other deficiencies which may be seen in the hand. In making a final estimate of the worth of any line, these factors must all be taken into account.

The absence of a line of Apollo does not necessarily indicate that a subject will be unsuccessful, for, as in the case of an absent line of Saturn, the qualities that make "self made men" may exert themselves, and produce even greater results than come from the brilliant talents which a fine line of Apollo indicates. 

In my examination of hands during the study of this line, In my examination of hands during the study of this line, I find that in most cases the subjects having good Apollo lines rely too much upon their talents, and not enough on the industry and perseverance that should be expended in developing them. For this reason less talented plodders often produce greater results in life than their far more talented brethren. If only the talents of a fine line of Apollo are coupled with energy, almost unlimited success is possible. It is absolutely incorrect to say that the absence of a line of Apollo indicates ill success in life, but it is true that the presence of this line makes success easier. It must be understood then that in the treatment of this line, when we use the word success, it applies to effort in the world in which the subject moves. Remember that the proper world to which the line must be applied is determined by examination of the three worlds of the hand as a whole, and as shown by the three phalanges of the fingers.

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