Heart Line: Hand Love Line Meaning

The heart line begins under the little finger, also known as the Mercury finger and moves uppermost on your hand, under all the fingers. This is the line which illustrates the degree of sensitivity with which you approach the world as well as tells the story of your personal emotional history.

 This is the line which rules a person’s emotional idealism as well as a sense of passion. This line portrays the kind of people that you love and how you love them. When the Heart Line appears lower on the hand, this shows that the heart rules the intellect. If the line is straight primarily, then it shows a person who is the opposite of that, showing a person who is ruled by their intellect and neglects their emotional needs. The heart line often branches out and the way that one understands the branching of the heart line will be helpful in the interpretation factors as is learning where the heart line ends.

Heart line origins summary
Heart Line originates on the percussion edge of the hand from one of four possible main areas (A, B, C or D), and extends toward the opposite side of the hand to one of six possible destination areas. (Shown later)

Intimacy and relationship type 1 according to palm readingIntimacy and relationship type 2 according to palm readingIntimacy and relationship type 3 according to palm readingIntimacy and relationship type 4 according to palm readingIntimacy and relationship type 5 according to palm readingIntimacy and relationship type 6 according to palm reading

The heart line ends either somewhere below the Jupiter or Saturn fingers or at least somewhere between them. When the dominant rising line from the heart line branches to Saturn it can be indicative of a powerful attachment to the monetary in romantic situations. This could be someone who cares a lot about money and the way that someone buys things for them dictates how they feel about a person. 

This could also be about an effort to dominate or discipline a love object. Primarily this person is very fixed about what material possessions need to be in their lives. When the heart line branches in a split formation between Jupiter and Saturn the person is idealistic and are often extremely respectful and kind as well as faithful lovers. If the heart line runs flat under Jupiter without going above the Jupiter mount, it indicates a lover of the entire world, someone who does not get stuck in attachment. 

When the heart line rises up into the mount of Jupiter the person loves, supportive as well as regal and highly efficient in manners of money. A distinctive, well channeled, deep heart line is indicative of a person whose emotions run very deep. This person, when in a deep and connected relationship would allow that love to flow out into the rest of the human experience making their finances, their emotions, their mundane life one full of luck and health. When the life line is chained or broken or even shallow this can be very frustrating for the bearer because it is symbolic of flightiness and inconsistency. We all go through a somewhat inconsistent phase in our life, but if this line stays broken or shallow, and then this means that love is hard to find for you because your attention span does not last very long.

The heart line is considered to have a better start when it is straight with no tassels and breaks. If this is the case, it indicates that the child received the complete love of it's mother from birth. Such subject has developed a strong emotional body. If the heart line begins with an island or appears chained the subject may have even been unwanted by the mother, which has lead to difficulties in life. This can be a surrogate child or a child conceived out of rape. A line which is weak and thin means that the child was not given much attention during childhood. The real cause of this laxity in child care could be that the mother was sick during or after the pregnancy. When the start of the heart line is thicker than usual then positively, this is a sign of excess love during pregnancy. Alternatively, the subject's mother might have not been able to give her love due to emotional or physical conditions.

A distressed heart line at the beginning on both hands, shows a repeated choice of an incarnation which does not lead to proper growth of the emotional parts of the body. In some people, their heart lines have improved over a long period of time. The lines can start off chained and as it moves across the hand little or no tassels appear, this is a normal occurrence. The main secret behind such occurrence is that such people have learnt to control their lives and are in a better position to deal with their emotional problems. If the line arches towards the life line this can suggest proper restructuring of their lives.

To have a fine, weak heart line means that the person has problems related to the circulatory system. This means the subject may suffer a death caused by heart disease or strokes. When making your analysis, it is better to compare between the heart and the head line to see which one is more bolder. The difference can be used to point out the type of diseases a person is likely to suffer from. Many marks on the heart lines is indicator of a weak immune system and a pointer that the individual must take extra care in life.

If the line is longer and ends below the index finger, it represents a person¡¯s affection is more spiritual than physical, or if the line is shorter and ends below the middle finger, it is the opposite. If the line is thin and deep, the emotion is delicate and gentle. If the line is thick and shallow, the emotion is rough and wild.
If the line curves downwards below the middle finger, it indicates headstrong, irrational, or even forceful love.
If the line is long with splits at the end and curves downwards, it indicates stubborn love and willingness to sacrifice everything for love.
If the beginning of the line (from the edge of the palm) has feather-like creases, the person is very passionate.
If the feather-like creases are above the line only, the person is quick-witted, resourceful, and flexible to changes.
If the Love Line has a shape of iron chain, it indicates moody, depressed and overly sensitive.
If there are circular creases on the Love Line below the pinkie finger, the person may have eye or eyesight problems. If the circular creases appear on other part of the Love Line, it indicates problems in maintaining relationship.
If the line is broken or has gaps, it indicates extreme trauma or hardship in relationship.

Heart line timing palmistry

Island on the Heart Line
When an individual has an island on the heart line below the little finger (mercury mount) then this can indicate that the person has gastrointestinal weakness. Problems with a person's eyesight are indicated by the presence of an island under the ring finger. This can also mean that there is a higher probability of having injuries to the eyes. The heart line has the most number of auxiliary lines because the matters of the heart are highly complex and tough to deal with.

An island on the heart line is  not a good sign. It signifies stress and problems in the subject's life. It also highlights that the person may have heart related medical problems or issues in his or her emotional relationships.
Timing on the heart line
Timing of the Heart Line
The timing of certain events in your life are characterised by the length of the heart line. If there are little lines originating from the heart line this indicates the presence of many love affairs. The timing of those affairs will be associated with where the lines appear. It is much better when such lines do not cross each other because that will mean a lot of problems in such relationships. Breaks in the heart line or extra lines are a clear indicator of a weaknesses in a relationship. The people involved are very volatile and can easily be harmed.  
heart line points to mount jupiter

Heart line towards the mount of Jupiter

There is sometimes occasion where the heart line completes its travels towards the central part of the mount of Jupiter. Remember, the mount of Jupiter deals with ambitions and goals in life. If the heart line completes its travel across the palm towards this point, then it is very crucial for the owner of such a palm to plan on how to include goals and ambitions in their love life. This case will mean that as that person follows career goals and other interests in life but the main motivator should be love.To set the goals will be associated with contentment in life. If the reward is different like money or power then the goal cannot cause satisfaction.  These types of people do not take a job for the sake of prestige, survival or money. The people who have a good heart line that rears towards the first finger are capable of being excited, passionate and are prone to fall in love very easily. 

branches at the end of the heart line palmistry
Branches at the end of the heart line

When there are branches at the end of the heart line, it means that the person is capable of loving not only one person but many at the same time. Such people can only interact in terms of love. With this kind of persons, where there is no love, they withdraw very easily. This is because they feel easily distracted in such cases. For these people, love is not of great importance. They instead value spiritual love which is based on the perceived consciousness is more important to the people in question. The two branches mentioned above can be of equal size or be of different sizes. Their strength and width also matters a lot.
Symbols on the heart line

Defects on the heart line
The heart line is rarely defect free. As human beings we undergo different emotional challenges in life, that change our outlooks - thus, our heart line. The presence of negative marks on this crucial line is indicative of emotional turmoil which is caused by internal conflicts.
Each of the obstruction mark on the heart line has got psychological effects that are significant. An example of negative markings is the disturbances and blocks that include stars, breaks, islands, crossbars, crosses and dots. Correct timing of the heart line will show the time for the events that are responsible for the markings. The highlighted marks are not to be taken lightly as they are indicative of the overall emotional problems that may effect the bearer.

When the heart line has been split for a very short period prior to rejoining, it will partially form an island, and this island has the appearance of an eye. The island can interconnect with others and form a chain like pattern, which is indicative of changeability, anxiety, fear, stress, insecurity, and indecision.
branches at the end of the heart line palmistry

Those who have a heart line that looks like a chain has the tendency of repressing internal feelings. They have serious problems in that they cannot express their emotion verbally, and this makes it hard for them to open up to others. The individuals are emotionally delicate and very sensitive when it comes to relationships, and this accounts for their failures in relationships.
When the heart line is chained, islands will feature prominently below the mounts, these islands are closely related to emotional confinements.

These people have erratic characteristics and have serious psychological impairments as a result of wrangles with their loved ones.

They also suffer from tension and unease in their nervous system. Due to this weakness, they avoid socializing and confrontations.  The individuals are so hardy and can withstand the most unbearable hurt and pain on their emotions. They make an impression of being edgy and are highly vulnerable to being cynical; they can’t shed tears in public but rather do it when alone.
They are emotionally separated from other people and will never get close to anyone. The main disadvantage is that they live in imaginary world and have the belief that other people will harm them emotionally. They easily fall in love.
branches at the end of the heart line palmistry

A Large Heart Line
The heart line is connected to emotions in life. There are a number of suggestions on the character of the person, based on the starting point of the line. In this instance, the person who bears a heart line that is quite straight and leans towards the Jupiter finger means that they have a big heart. Known as the big heart, they enjoy the company of others. This person comforts people when they are hurt. Another characteristic of this generous person is that they are dedicated to their lovers. In terms of life choices, these people have the opportunity to transform even the most challenging of encounters into something positive. There's a little the alchemist about the subject within their capability to begin to see the problem, bringing together all of the relevant information to find the meaning of any situation.

Chances are that individuals bearing this heart line have at some stage in their lives experienced some type of upheaval, trauma or setback. Regardless of the character of the was, they've taken it within their stride, learned from this and grown more powerful.
branches at the end of the heart line palmistry

The Loner
If the line goes straight across the palm and lacks a curve this means that the bearer likes to be a hermit. They like to focus on their own qualities in life and are neither interested in other people's problems. The positive side is that this has provided them great confidence even when they often appear quiet around others, underneath it's possible to sense their inner strength and brightness.

They likewise have an astute understanding of others and just how the planet works. However at times, due to the hermit nature they can appear cold and detached. Others may sometimes resent this person. The more straight the more focused on being on their own in life to learn about the great mysteries it has to offer.

branches at the end of the heart line palmistry
Passionate lover

For the heart line to be curving towards the middle finger (mount of Apollo) means they have no problem in attracting lovers, they are passionate lovers who are open to other people. This trait in the heart line means they enjoy many lovers. But when they look for a partner for life this will cause them to be loyal, caring and love their partner forever.
branches at the end of the heart line palmistry

Risk taker in love

Exhibits a great idealist approach to live, this person likes others to adore them, but nonetheless needs a good deal from other people. Linked to men and women that express love to others, but likes adventure. 

Its normal position:

It starts just below the Mount of Jupiter and runs along the base of the Mounts below the fingers and terminates at the percussion.
Its general functions:
(1) It represents the creative instincts the life impulse emotions and other important traits of character.
(2) It reveals the quality and quantity of emotions, sensations and affections together with their bearing upon life.
(3) It would tell us about the nature of sexual tendencies and urge, and sociable ness of the subjects.
(4) It gives the state of health and the condition of the heart, its strength or weakness.

Nature of the Line of Heart  Characteristic features of the subject
 Absence of the Line Extreme coldness - immoral - selfish -avaricious.
Long, clear and well- traced Lasting affection.
Very red.  Violent in love.
An unusually deep Line  Danger of apoplexy.
Very pale and wide.  Heart disease - poor circulation of blood.
The Line has faded away Heart has grown hard because of is appointments in love
Very thin and long  Hatred towards mankind.
Chained Flirtatious.
Pale, broad and chained A cold-blooded person seeking recourse to anything to satisfy his passion.
A short line Selfish disposition.
A well-developed Line with somewhat exaggerated Mounts of Venus and Moon.  Romantic disposition.
Composed of many separate small lines   Improper functioning of the Heart.
Placed lower than its normal position coldness - selfishness.
Placed very high in the hand, close to the base of the fingers  Passionate and jealous.
Long Line running from one side to the other Excessive attachment causing suffering to the subject.
If the Line is short and deep Selfish but a good husband or wife.
If the Line by its thickness, depth and strength looks stronger than the Line of Head The desire for love will out-weigh every other consideration and with a good Head Line the subject will be unselfish in his affections.
A chained Line emerging from the Mount of Saturn.  Contempt for opposite sex.
When this Line is seen displaced towards the Line of Head so that the space between the two is narrowed.  The affection would rule the subject and would outweigh all other considerations.
If the Line of Head rises up and the Line of Heart lies very high on the hand It is a sign that the love affairs and affections are ruled by the calculating and cold tendencies of the subject.
A forked Line of Heart on Jupiter where one branch is seen running to a place between the first and the second fingers Fortunate - materially prosperous - gifted with a well - balanced disposition in affairs of love.
Three forks forming a trident on Jupiter.  A sign of good fortune.
If the Line is thick Cold and heartless.
Straight Line rising from the mount of Jupiter.  Religious and spiritual.
A straight Line with a weak supple thumb and thin pointed fingers and sloping Head Line Tendency towards homosexuality and masturbation.
A straight Line, forked on the Mount of Jupiter, strong thumb and clear straight or slightly sloping Line of Head Pure at heart and unselfish - possesses strength of character and an idealistic quality - constant in affections.
If the Line rises between first and second fingers or from the Mount of Saturn and sweeps to the edge of the palm making a deep curve It denotes a masculine or virile type of sexuality.
Starting from far up into the Mount of Jupiter and forkless Ideal love with no trace of sexuality.
Starting from the centre of the Mount  of Jupiter especially when forked Highest type of love, pure, deep and stead-fast.
Starting between the Mounts of Jupiter and Saturn  A quiet uneventful home existence - no passionate yearnings
Starting between the first and second fingers   Denotes a calm and deep temperament - unfaltering love.
Starting under the Mount of Saturn without a fork Sensuality but no true family affection.
Forked at the start form the edge of the Mount of Jupiter, one prong going up the Mount Happiness in love.
Joined at its start with the Line of Head under the Mount of Saturn Disaster due to blind passion.
Starting from the Mount of Saturn when the hand is soft and flabby Mere sensuality - selfish in desires - pleasure from sexual relations.
Downward branches Disappointments caused by loved ones.
Much broken  Inconstancy about hatred of the opposite sex
Broken under the Mount of Saturn in both hands  Dangerous illness arising from defective circulation of the blood.
Broken under the Mount of Saturn  Love affairs broken off, but not by the subject's act or desire.
Broken under the Mount of Sun in one hand  love affairs broken off, due to the caprice of the subject.
Broken under the Mount of Mercury Love affairs broken off on account of the avaricious disposition of he subject.
A number of bars cutting the Line Repeated disappointments in love-troubles of the heart and liver.
A white dot on the line. Success in love affairs.
A circle on the Line Weakness of the heart.
A circle on the Line under the Mount of Sun. Trouble with sight.
A clear break in the Line Loss of loved ones
No branches on the percussion childlessness
Downward branches from this Line towards the Line of Head Attracted towards opposite sex
If a Line rises from this Line and takes a downward course, cuts the line of Fate and touches the Line of Head Sign of loss of a loved one.
When this Line is found to be sinking towards the Line of head, so that the space between the two becomes narrow and the Line of Health is weakly traced Asthmatic tendencies.
The lines of Head and heart without braches  Life without affection.
Fate and heart Lines are islanded Adulterous thoughts.
 If the Line happens to be high up on the hand   Sensitive, intellectual and intuitive.
Completely encircling the Mount of Mercury at the termination Aptitude for the occult sciences.
Forked at the termination with one prong deep into the Mount of Mercury and an island on the Line of Fate
A divorce due to a guilty intrigue of the subject.
A well developed Line with somewhat exaggerated Mount of Venus and Moon  Romantic disposition.
If the Line terminates inside the Mount of Saturn   childish and playful

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