Hand Reading: fingernail shape meaning

The nails on the fingers whould also be taken into consideration while studying a plam. These nails are at the tip of fingers and help in protecting the fingers. 

The nails protect the tips of fingers so that the fingers do not get damaged or hurt by a blow from outside and these nails help in enhancing the beauty of the fingers. They are also good conductors of electricity. The natural electricity present in the atmosphere enters the body through these nails. Also the rays from other planets enter our body through the nails and help us to work effectively. 


  • Short Nails- Short nails reveal that the man is uncivilized. Such person might have been born in a high family, yet he would be narrow-minded, weak and of wicked tendencies. 
  • Short And Pale Nails- Such nails reveal the wickedness of the individual. Such a person tells lies at every step and will even deceive his own family. He cannot be trusted. 
  • Short And Rectangular Nails- A person having such nails on his fingers is a heart patient and dies of heart attack. 
  • Short And Wide Nails- Such persons believe in quarelling. Ctiticizng and interfering in other's works is their sole aim in life. They are stubborn in nature. 
  • Hard And Narrow Nails- These persons are generally quarrelsome in nature. Once they make up their mind they shall do anything even if it is wrong. They stick to their decisions. 
  • Square Nails- Such nails reveal the wicked nature of the individual. Such nails show that the man is a coward, timid and subdued. 
  • Short And Triangular Nails- Such nails are generally wide at the upper tip and narrow at the lower end. Persons with such nails are lazy and hesitant to work. They like loneliness and do not like others to interfere in their matters. 
  • Nails Wider In Proportion To Length- Such persons get angry quickly. They complete any work they have started without leaving it midway. 
  • Short Nails And Knotty Fingers- Such persons are quarrelsome. If such nails are found in the fingers of a female, then she must be dominating her husband and also quarrelsome. 
  • Rounded Nails- Persons having rounded nails at the tip are quarrelsome and take quick decisions. They know how to act on the decision they have taken. 
  • Thin And Long Nails- Such persons are weak-bodied and fickle-minded. They cannot take independent decisions and act on the advise given by others. 
  • Long And Curved Nails- Such persons are not of good character and do have affairs with many women. They get bad names in their `s several times. 
  • Perfect Nails- Such nails are little longer than wider and have a natural lustre. They are men of high ideals and good-intentioned. They would be successful in their lives. 

Black Spots - If a person has black spots on his nails then he is liekly to meet with great calamity in life. Black spots on nails are an indication of impurity of blood. One is soon to get sick with small-pox, malaria, fever or any other disease connected with the impurity of blood. 

White Spots- White sports indicate some obstruction to the circulation of blood and also indicate some future diseases. If such spots are found on the nails then it has to be concluded then that the the man is likely to get sick soon. 

Half Moon- A hlaf moon on the index finger indicates promotion and some good news. Half moon in the finger of Saturn indicates that the person shall get benefits from machinery related industry and also there is the possibility of getting money. Half moon on the finger of Apollo indicates that the person shall soon rise in status. Half Moon in the little finger indicates profits in business dealings. Half Moon on the thumb base indicates progress and auspiciousness. 

Big Half Moon- In some cases a big half Moon which covers almost half the nail is visible. In such cases the contrary of teh above results. 

Yellow Spots- If yellow spots are vsible on one or more figners, it is certian that the man will meet his death on the near future. 

Red Spots- Sometimes red spots are visible on teh nails. It indicates bad omen and te person is likely to get murdered soon. 

Vertical Long Fingernails
The Imaginative Creator

People with vertical long fingernails are sweet-tempered and romantic. If your fingernails are long, your right brain development is relatively complete, so you have rich imaginations. You usually pay more attention to details and have extraordinary creativity, but you are easily affected by the surrounding environment and believe others easily, so you need to increase alertness to protect yourself. In the communication with the "left-brain" people, both of you may feel difficult and the conflict is unavoidable.

Fortune: When it comes to luck, the most serious problem lies in interpersonal relationship and you are often plotted by the little snobs, so things will not work out successfully. Therefore, you need to watch your back to guard against the little snobs.

Wide Fingernails
The Short-Tempered Debater

With fingernails wider than the average, your may have a well-developed left brain and you like to debate with others. Generally, you like to express your ideas as far as possible and make people feel that you are direct and open-minded. However, it makes you appear short-tempered, so remember to remind yourself to be patient and restrained as far as possible. You are unlikely to have an intimate friendship with the "right-brain" people because they are communicating with their heart rather than the brain.

Fortune: In terms of luck, you are good at the active job which requires the use of brain. You are open-minded and have many friends. But you need to calm down and listen to your heart because the success requires more efforts rather than petty tricks.

Rounded or Oval Fingernails
The Lazy Pacifist

With round or oval (egg-shaped) fingernails, you are usually adaptable and live in your own pace. You have high social skills and you will be the first yes-man if people debate around you. This character makes most people love you but it also gives others the impression of bending with the wind, so you need to avoid from being misunderstood by your friends, otherwise they will not trust you. Comparing with people of other fingernail shapes, you are the best who can get along with all characters.

Fortune: The adaptable brings you a stable life, and your wealth is in proportion to your efforts except the misfortune . On the contrary, you will be unsuccessful if you don't work hard.

Squarish Fingernails
The Sober-Minded Swordsman

With squarish fingernails, you are usually serious, sober-minded, strong-minded and very brave. Most people with square fingernails are males. It's good for you to be serious about everything; however, the extremely sober mind makes you appear inflexible and you may have a good relationship with others if you are not so stiff.

Fortune: In workplace, you play the role of a vigorous and resolute leader and have good luck in work and wealth.

Triangular Fingernails
The Sensitive and Creative Genius

You always come up with new ideas and notice the details often ignored by others. With inverted triangular fingernails, you are a little stubborn while the equilateral triangle fingernails are oversensitive and cannot tolerate the featherheads around. And you do not like the people who always do things at their own pace step by step.

Fortune: You are a creative genius and the only thing you should worry about is the luck in love.

Almond-Shaped Fingernails
The Reliable Executive

With almond-shaped fingernails, in personality you are honest, reliable, imaginative, sweet-tempered, kind and have good manners. However, you have a low tolerance for injustice and often lose your temper towards different opinions. When you feel tired in interpersonal relationship, the best way is to step out and wait to have a clear mind, which will help you a lot.

Fortune: As a reliable executive, you often suffer from high pressure, so you have a poor health.

Sword-Shaped Fingernails
The Ambitious Idealist

Once you have a clear goal, you will put it into practice without hesitation even if it's difficult or you are not interested. Unfortunately, you may lack of the team spirit, and you will lose patience if other people cannot keep up with you when working with them. So, you need to learn to cooperate, which is of great significance in your self-improvement.

Fortune: From beginning to end, you always play the role of a leader in the team, so you need to have good relations with the team members if you want to be successful.

Fingernail Lunula (Little Moon)

Crescent white, also known as lunula or little moon, is found at the one fifth position of the fingernail bottom and it looks like a curved white mark.
Fingernail Lunula Meaning
The normal fingernails should be ruddy, restrained, tough, arc-shaped, smooth and glossy with clear lunula which tells whether the person is energetic and healthy. The more energetic a person is, the whiter the lunula is; on the contrary, the lunula is poor and vague. In general, the lunula takes an area of about one fifth of the fingernail and has the clear edge. The lunula usually tells the disease of a person in the form of color change or disappearing crescent. After the person regains the health from regulation, the little moon will gradually appear again. In general, the less lunula a person has, the lower energy and poorer health and immunity he/she has, so it's more likely for he/she to feel tired. If the lunula only appears on the thumbs, it indicates that the physical energy is insufficient and the disease is about to come.

Other factors shall also be considered comprehensively in judging whether a person is suffering from the certain disease, and there is no need to be panic about the change of lunula since the confirmation of a disease requires many inspections.

Missing or Disappearing Moon
People with absent fingernail moon are not necessarily sick but they always have serious diseases when they feel sick. Children do not have the little moon before their growth and parents do not have to be panic since the lunula will appear after the growth of children. In addition, the lunula disappears gradually if the adults have too much night life and it's difficult for the lunula to grow out again. So, it is not recommended to stay up late for a long time. Where the lunula reduces, people can complement with proteins and black food and do appropriate exercise.
Fingernail Lunula and Health
The lunula tells the health of human body.

Normal Conditions

1. Quantity: it would be better to have 8 to 10 lunulas on both hands;
2. Shape: it would be better to take an area of one fifth of the fingernail;
3. Color: it would be better in the color of ivory. The whiter, the better, which indicates the person is stronger.

Abnormal Conditions

The development of the lunula is affected by nutrition, environment, and physical quality. When the digestion and absorption function is poor, the lunula dims, reduces, even disappears.

The big lunula indicates the rapid blood circulation while the small lunula indicates the poor blood circulation; the lunula disappears under the condition of severe anemia. The less lunula a person has, the lower energy, colder constitution and weaker immunity he/she has, so his/her body, feet and hands are always cold.
Color of the Lunula
● Ivory: normal, this kind of people are energetic, strong and healthy;
● Grey: low energy, which affects the operation of the spleen, stomach, digestion and absorption and it is easy to cause anemia and feel tired;
 Pink: same color with the fingernail indicates the decline of viscera functions and the over consumption of physical strength, which is easy to cause diabetes, hyperthyroidism and other diseases;
● Purple: it is easy to cause the poor blood circulation of heart and cerebral vessels, the insufficient blood and oxygen supply, dizziness, headache and cerebral arteriosclerosis;
● Black: usually indicates the severe heart disease, cancer or drug poisoning and heavy metal poisoning out of the long-term medication.

Moons on the Five Fingers
● Thumb Lunula: it is related with lung and spleen. The pink color indicates the pancreatic dysfunction and it is easy to catch a cold and feel tired repeatedly, even have diabetes.
● Lunula on Index Finger: it is related with intestines and stomach. The pink color indicates the poor circulation of stomach and large intestine, so the appetite decreases naturally.
 Lunula on Middle Finger : it is related with pericardium channel and consciousness. The pink color indicates the psychentonia and it is easy to cause dizziness, headache, unbalanced consciousness, insomnia and dreaminess.
● Lunula on Ring Finger: it is related with internal secretion. The pink color indicates that the triple energizer meridian in the ring finger is abnormal and it is easy to cause the constitutional decline and yin-yang disharmony with an ineffable discomfort. Women of this kind always have the gynecological diseases like irregular menstruation.
● Lunula on Little Finger : it is related with heart and kidney. Generally, the lunula is unlikely to appear on this finger and when it appears, it implies the fever. The red color indicates the serious heart disease.

Long or Short?

Nail length can be quite a useful barometer of internal pressure and stress. The longer the nails, the more stress or nervous unrest the person is likely to experience. Still, in spite of some nervousness or excitability, long-nailed people can also be amazingly calm, kind, and patient. They are also said to be creative: A long nail shows a good imagination, a sympathetic nature, and an open and accepting personality.

Nail length also indicates the amount of productive energy. Short-nailed people typically have more energy, perhaps because those with long nails tire easily from their many intellectual pursuits. A short nail shows an impatient, argumentative, and mistrustful nature. You may be a hardworking and dedicated employee, but you can also be too critical as a boss and too controlling, a micromanager. You are proud and hate to lose any battle, and you may be witty and self-confident, but far too often at another's expense

Thick nails often belong to people who are frail or sickly, while thin nails belong to the healthy and robust. Wide nails mean you are a plain speaker, a what-you-see-is-what-you-get personality, while narrow nails belong to the more eloquent and polished.

People who have shorter-than-average nails are good critics and love to debate all the hot topics of the day. Although they have quick tempers, they can usually keep it under control, and most people don't think of them as argumentative. If your shortest nail is square at the base, you can take it a step further — you don't just get mad, you get even.

People who have shorter-than-average nails are good critics and love to debate all the hot topics of the day. Although they have quick tempers, they can usually keep it under control, and most people don't think of them as argumentative. If your shortest nail is square at the base, you can take it a step further — you don't just get mad, you get even.

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A Geometric Reading

Also, see if your nails can be categorized according to their shape:
  • Square: A square nail indicates a good temper, broad-mindedness, and a pleasant disposition. If your nail is large, so is your heart — you are agreeable, warm, and trusting. But the smaller the nail, the more mistrustful and cold you will be.
  • Rectangle: If your thumb has a rectangular, horizontal nail, you are forceful and sometimes quarrelsome and prefer to express yourself quickly and loudly — and then become calm again when the storm subsides. If you have a broad nail, you can be strong and stubborn, but you are optimistic and look to your strength to get you through life.
  • Wedge: Wedge-shaped nails are narrow at the bottom and wide toward the top. These nails belong to nervous people or those who have been under a lot of stress. Maybe it grows in this form to make it easier for you to chew on. At any rate, find a way to relax more.
  • Oval: An oval nail is the kind seen in hand lotion commercials, and it generally represents a gentle and sweet soul with a strong emotional life. However, you may be too gentle and meek, and should work on building physical and mental stamina.
Fingernails may also have marks that offer further indications of personality and challenges. For instance, you might have specks that indicate health challenges — or perhaps horizontal or vertical lines, indicating worries that are more practical in nature.
If your nail shape dents in when looked at from a sidewise view, look for a nutritional problem or iron deficiency. And a nail that goes in the opposite direction, downward over the tip of the finger, can indicate a respiratory problem.

Growth Patterns

You should also look at the growth pattern of the nail to get insights about your health. Vertical ridges that run the length of the nail show a tendency toward having joint, digestive, or dermatological problems. Horizontal ridges that run across the nail signify nutritional problems. However, if you have only one horizontal ridge or groove, it means you have undergone a great trauma or illness.

Gazing at the Moon

At the bottom of the fingernail lies the moon — that white, rounded part at the cuticle line that is most easily seen on the thumb. Your fingernail is being produced below this cuticle line, and the moon is actually part of the root of the nail, so the condition of the moon is a good indicator of your health.
If you cannot see the moon, it may be a sign of bad circulation, low blood pressure, or general poor health. If there is a large moon, there may be high blood pressure, an overactive thyroid, and perhaps an overly sensitive disposition. Ideally, your hands should show good clear half moons, which indicate a good temper and healthy heart.

Color Counts

It is also possible to tell a lot about you by looking at the color of the nail. The color should be lighter than that of the skin of the hand itself and it should be of a consistent hue, pinkish in the hands of people with primarily European ancestors, tan in persons with Asian forebears, and beige in the hands of those of mostly African ancestry.
If your nails are too pale, you may be iron deficient, and if they are too red, see a doctor about your circulatory system. Spots and blemishes can indicate a vitamin or mineral deficiency. A reddish nail can also mean that you are too hostile and impatient, while a white or gray hue can be a sign that you are self-involved and not enough aware of others and their needs.

Your fingertips, then, offer a wealth of information about you, and as you reach out to grasp your life, you should let that information guide you in ways that will enable you to make that life a fuller and healthier one.

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In Palmistry, the line of health is associated with the health of a person – it is an indicator specially of the state of your digestive apparatus, the operation of your liver, and various maladies that can arise from the impairment of important function of these organs. This line is also known as the line of liver, line of Mercury, line of Hepatica, or stomach line. Ideally, this line should not appear at all.

The Line of Mercury has been variously called the Line of Health or the Line of Liver. It runs from the Mount of Mercury down the hand via Mount of Mars. As the name suggests, It represents the health and well being of the person.

An absent line of health usually means that health is not an issue. The apparent and firm line of health is the implication of excellent health of a person. The straighter the line, the better the health of the person. Degree of sickness can be indicated by the strength or weakness of this line. A wavy or broken line (pic A) warns you of potential health problems.

broken health line palmistry

A square found on the line means protection (such as good medical treatment or a narrow escape) whereas island on the line means a potential need for hospitalization. If the health line is crossed, it is believed that the person tend to be prone to accidents.

health line crossing life linethe via lascivia in palmistry
If there is a line branches out from the health line onto the life line it means there may be some sort of life-threatening situation in the old age. According to some palmists, when the mercury line and life line come together, and one is of equal strength to the other, then it will be the date of death, even though the life line should pass this point and appaer to be a much greater length (pic B).

If a triangle is formed by the health, head, and life lines, this is considered very auspicious and the broader the area of this triangle, the greater the person's luck.

Also known as the line of Neptune (pic C), this line is found in very few hands. However, its appearance has become increasingly common in recent years. The line of Via lascivia is usually found parallel to the health line. It originates from the space between the health and life lines, or from the mount of luna. And if it is long, the line ends in the mount of mercury, if it is short it ends on the lower mount of luna.

Formerly thought to indicate excessive interest and overindulgence in sex, but now they believe this line tells about sensitivity to certain foods and other substances. it is also said to indicate allergies and addictions. Substances that this line pinpoints as problematic are drugs - both legal and illegal such as tobacco, alcohol and caffeine.

Other names for this Line:

(1) The Line of Health(2) The Line of Hepatica(3) The Line of Liver
Normal position of the Line:

It starts at the base of the hand near the Line of Fate and runs upward till it ends on the mount of Mercury.

General functions of the Line:

  • It represents the health and disease of the individual.
  • It is an indicator specially of the state of the digestive apparatus, the operation of the liver and various maladies which may arise from the impairment of important function of these organs.
  • Nature of the Line of Mercury   
  • Characteristic features of the subject Absence of the Line Not bad health.

  • A straight deep Line Sign of a good and sound constitution - robust health.

  • Composed of many small lines Unstable condition of general health and bad temperament owing to diseases of the liver or gall bladder - sign of restlessness and pessimism.

  • A chained Line Diseased liver and stomach.

  • If the Line is twisted or wavy Chronic diseases belonging to the ruling Mount.

  • Rising from the Life Line Most unfavourable sign of bad health.

  • Cut by several small horizontal lines Constant headaches.

  • If a star appears where this Line meets Line of Head  Mental disorder which might develop serious complication

  • If an independent cross is seen at any part of the Line Severe agonies and sufferings from disease, in old age.

  • If the Line is the forked in the Quadrangle and one of its branches touches or runs towards the line of Heart under the Mount of Sun.
  • It indicates Heart trouble at prime of youth

  • An island on the Line Delicate health.

  • If the Line runs deep into the Mount of Mercury and branches rise from it Excellent health and great success in business.

  •  If bars, crosses, dots, islands or other defects terminate or are near the ending of the Line Subject unlikely to recover from serious illness.

  • If the Line is straight not joined with the Line of Life and with a well formed rascette Longevity very well assured.

  • A cross towards the termination of the Line with a circle on the Line of Head Blindness.

  • A star close to the Line inside the Triangle Blindness.

Some important TIPS:

  • If there is no line of Health you are probably blessed with excellent health. When it is completely absent the constitution is stronger.
  • If the Health line is more prominent the nervous system is weak. When twisted and irregular - biliousness, liver complaints and kidney trouble are seen.
  • A health line that is red in colour and heavily marked from the heart to the head, denotes danger of apoplexy, brain fever.
  • A health line touching the line of life at any point represents delicate body and weak constitution.
  • A health line formed in little straight pieces denotes bad digestion and stomach related problems.
  • A health line in little islands with long filbert nails denotes trouble to lungs and chest.
  • If the line begins on the Mount of Moon or branches from the Life Line, it is a sign of good business heads.
Watch this video about How to Read Line of Health:

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Simian Hand Line meaning

The Single Palmar Crease or Simian Line is the name given to the joining of the heart line and head line. The quadrangle area between the Head Line and Heart Line is lost in such a hand. This line signifies that the bearers emotions and mental powers are blended together. Normally, such a person will take things to extreme, they are intensive.  Alternative names for this line are the simian crease, transverse palmar crease and simian fold. 

Most people have two major transverse lines in the upper half of the palm. In Palmistry and Hand Analysis these are called the Heart Line and the Head Line.

Simian lined hands do not have these two lines: Heart Line and Head Line.

Hand with Simian Line. When the Heart Line and Head Line are fused together, only one major line is present, and it extends all the way across the hand from edge to edge. In Palmistry and Hand Analysis this is called a "Simian Line". Medical references call it the "Proximal Transverse Palmar Crease" or "Single Palmar Crease".

Hand with Simian Line.
Approximately ten percent of the general population have a Simian Line, or variation of one. However, approximately half the people with Down Syndrome have a Simian Line. Also, the Simian Line is higher than normal frequency in several other abnormal medical conditions. Therefore, one or more Simian Lines on hands of newborns is a marker of medical concern.

Simian Line Detailed Identification

The purest form of Simian Line is where only one line cuts across the hand, and there is no indication of it containing more than one line. However, there are many variations between the two examples above. Some of these possible variations are shown below along with the rules for analysis.

Simian Line with heart energy according to palm reading and palmistry

Simian Line with heart energy according to palm reading and palmistryThis is not a pure Simian Line, but rather a strong Heart Line that has captured the Head Line. This person will operate with nearly all heart and emotional energy and will have very little logic and mental power for making decisions and taking actions. Emotions will strongly rule every activity.

Simian Line with head energy according to palm reading and palmistry

Simian Line with head energy according to palm reading and palmistryThis shown is not a pure Simian Line, but rather a strong Head Line (blue) that has captured the Heart Line (red). This person will operate with nearly all head energy and will have very little emotional power for making decisions and taking actions. Logic, with little emotion, will strongly rule every activity.

Simian Line with some heart and Head Line according to palm reading and palmistry

Simian Line with some heart and Head Line according to palm reading and palmistryThis hand shows a piece of a Heart Line (1) and piece of a Head Line (2). Most likely only one of these pieces would be present on a hand with a Simian Line. Whichever piece is present would indicate that there is some of that energy strongly affecting all activities. For example, if only the Simian Line plus a piece of Heart Line (1) are present, this person's Simian Line would have considerable influence from heart and emotional tendencies. A piece of Head Line (2) would lend considerable logic and mental influence.

Simian Line either heart or Head Line according to palm reading and palmistry

Simian Line either heart or Head Line according to palm reading and palmistryThis hand does not mean there are two Simian Lines possible. It just indicates that a high Simian Line (A) or a low Simian Line (B) is possible. It is quite difficult to discern which type one has if the line is somewhere in between the high and low positions. In any case, the higher the Simian Line is on the palm, the more emotional energy is affecting all activities. The lower the Simian Line is on the palm, the more logic and mental powers affect all activities.

  • Approximately 4% of Caucasians have this line on at least one hand. Approximately 13% of all Asians have it on at least one hand. It is even rarer to have this line on both hands. Males are twice as likely as females to have a Simian Line.
  • The name "simian" was adopted many years ago and comes from the fact that some monkeys have only one crease in their palm.

The Simian Line and Medic

A computer search of the medical literature reveals numerous attempts to link dermatoglyphics (skin markings) to medical disorders. At least fourteen chromosomal abnormalities are listed in the medical literature that have a high correlation (up to 84%) with the occurrence of a Simian Line. Down Syndrome is one of these diseases due to a chromosome abnormality.

Does that mean that every person with a Simian Line is likely to have something medically wrong with them? NO! There are many people with Simian Lines that do not have more than the average medical problems.

What is the probability of a child having Down Syndrome?

The risk of giving birth to a child with Down Syndrome for a woman age 30 is approximately 1 in 710 according to Dr. Aubrey Milunsky, Professor of Human Genetics, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology and Pathology at Boston University School of Medicine. The risk is significantly higher among women age 35 and older. Down syndrome is the most common single cause of human birth defects. Couples who already have a baby with Down syndrome have an increased risk of giving birth to another baby with Down Syndrome.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends Down syndrome screening tests be performed on all pregnant women, regardless of age. A routine blood test (called the maternal serum quadruple screen) done between 15 and 16 weeks of pregnancy can usually detect any forthcoming Down Syndrome problems. Also, tests such as nuchal translucency ultrasound, amniocentesis, or chorionic villus sampling can be done on the fetus during the first few months of pregnancy to check for Down syndrome.

The Simian Line and Palm Reading Interest

Palm readers and Hand Analysts have observed over the years some common traits in people with Simian Lines on one or both hands. [This pertains to those people who have no apparent medical problems.] People with Simian Lines generally live their life differently than most other people who do not have Simian Lines. Not necessarily living better nor worse. Just living more intensely with usually an undercurrent of uneasiness. It is interesting that a number of well-known people with a Simian Line have made a positive contribution to history. They include British Prime Minister Tony Blair (both hands), former Russian President Nikita Kruchev, writers John Steinbeck and Henry Miller, Tony Robbins, and Hillary Clinton.

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