Fate Line Guide: referred to our life path

We often blame our fate saying that ‘it was not meant for me’ when we lose an opportunity. What if we could find out what our fate holds? The fate line can reveal what will be the important trends in our life.

The fate line is one of the major palmistry lines on hands. It is a vertival line running up the palm towards the base of the middle finger. The starting poin can be anywhere from the base of the palm (most of the people find it begins from the middle part). You can find its location from the right picture. 

In China, people would like to call the line as the career line as it mainly reflects the fortune of one's career or job. From the line, you can find out the changes of your career during your life as well as your ability in work. If your fate line is clear, deep and straight without too much crosses, you are regarded to be bestowed with a good fortune in career. 

Palmistry says that there are seven varieties of fate lines which have separate influences on an individual.

1. Deep fate line
Deep fate line in a native’s palms indicate that he or she may achieve paternal wealth and other profits from various means. Elderly persons will help enhance the success of the individual.

2. Light fate line
A native with a light fate line in his hands means that he or she may have to undergo failures and difficulties in life. Due to unsuccessful attempts in his life he may often feel hopelessness. But a strong Sun line in the native’s hand will provide him success. In this way presence of other lines and mounts may also alter the results.

3. Divided fate line
According to palmistry if the fate line splits into two parts and create a ‘y’ shaped structure in a native’s palm then it indicates that the person may suffer from confusion and contradiction. He may be indecisive as his fate lines may not let him make a strong decision and stand by it. In short it can be said that he may be riding on two boats at a time.

4. Zig Zag fate line
Zig zag fate line in a hand suggest that a native may experience many ups and downs in his or her life. She can attain success only after defeating the problems and conflicts in her life. The native may not get the fruits of her efforts easily. This type of fate line also says that at crucial times of decision making the native’s thoughts may become vacillating.

5. Broken fate line
Broken fate line in a native’s hand indicates a danger. A breakage in a fate line means the native may face an accident at a certain point of time. The accident may cause physical damage or may even put the native’s life in danger. Natives who have a broken fate line should be very careful.

6. Chained fate line
A native may face many ups and downs in his life if the fate line is chained in his palm. He might swing between failure and success. He may successfully carry out a task and may sometimes face immense problems doing a simple task!

7. Invisible fate line
Palmistry says that every people has a fate whether the fate line is visible or not. The natives who do not have visible fate line can get information about their future by considering other lines of the palm. So, there is no need to worry for those who don’t have visible fate line.

A deep and strongly-etched Fate line represents a person who settles down into a disciplined pattern of life quite early. On the other hand, a weak or faint fate line suggests a person who is restless and tends to change jobs quite often.

A Fate line that begins at the very base of the palm depicts a person who has planned out his future at a very young age. If the Fate line abruptly ends at the head line, it denotes a person who somehow traveled away from his ambitions between the ages of 30 to 40 years.
In most people, you will find the Fate line trailing off at the heart line. Very rarely, you come across people with a Fate line that extends all the way to the middle finger. Such people may be seen to remain active even in their old age.

Sometimes, you may see two Fate lines on a palm. This is mainly found in the case of people who pursue multiple careers simultaneously. Such a double Fate line is considered to be a lucky sign since it promises a distinguished career.

Finally, if the Fate line is absent; it denotes the unstable nature of the person. No wonder, Fate lines are absent in the palms of most alcoholics and drug addicts.

Fate Line Timing

Please find out the timing on the fate line from the picture at the right.

The line is marked from the base of the palm with the age of 5.

The intersection point of the fate line and head line is for the age of 35 and the point with the heart line is for the age of 55.

75 years old is located at the Mount of Saturn.

After knowing the timing of the fate line, you could easily find out the fortune for your career and destiny at different ages.

Shape of Fate Line

Fig 2

Fig 1
Deep and Long
● A deep, straight and long fate line which begins from the base of the palm and extends to the Mount of Saturn (under the middle finger) indicates a strong ability to start and run your own career or business. You usually emphasis on credibility thus could have a successful career with endlessly strives; (Fig 1)

● If the line becomes narrower and thinner gradually from the middle part of the palm, it indicates a smooth career fortune during the younger days and a worse fortune after the middle age.  (Fig 2)

Fig 5

Fig 4

Fig 3
A shallow fate line indicates a hard work and career full of twists and turns. 

● If your line is shallow and wide, you are destined to have a hard working life and fail to achieve great things. (Fig 3)

● If the line is shallow at the same time narrow and obscure, it shows you are not like to be bound by a common destiny.  (Fig 4)
If your fate line is oblique as the picture shows, it indicates that you always have a unique idea and like to judge a thing from different point of views in work. You could think out ways to take a short cut and are easily to get success in career. (Fig 5)

Locations of the Line

Fig 7

Fig 6
Starting from the Life Line
If your fate line starts joined to the life line, it shows you have a strong vitality and are full of energy. Your social status could be upgraded quickly with your hard working. Even though there is not great achievement during your life, you could be satisfied and enjoy a happy life. (Fig 6)
Starting from Head Line
If your fate line starts from the head line, it indicates achievement after 35 years old. Before 35, you may have many obstructions on the way to start your business or in your work. After 35, your fortune of career changes for the better. By using your wisdom and rich experience, you could get an achievement. (Fig 7)

Fig 9

Fig 8
Starting from Heart Line
If your fate line starts from the heart line, it indicates late success in life. You usually are not stable in life and career during the youth time. After 50 years, you are expected to enjoy a good fortune in career which also requires you work hard instead of enjoying your old age. (Fig 8)
Starting from Mount of Moon
If your fate line starts from the Mount of Moon (located on the base of the palm, little finger side), it shows that you could get success owing to your good interpersonal relationship and creative talent. The people with such a line always have a faithful helpmate. (Fig 9)

Fig 11

Fig 10
Starting from Mount of Venus
If your fate line starts from the Mount of Venus (the portion of the palm surrounded by the life line at the base of the thumb) and exceeds the heart line, it means you have no worries about money as you could inherit a fortune from parents, relatives or ancestors. (Fig 10)
Ending at the Mount of Saturn
If your fate line starting from the base of the palm and ends at the Mount of Saturn (located below the middle finger), it indicates a successful career created from almost nothing. If the sun line runs parallel with it, your business would go more smoothly. (Fig 11)

Fig 13

Fig 12
Ending at the Mount of Jupiter
If your fate line starting from the base of the palm and ends at the Mount of Jupiter (located below the forefinger), it indicates a good fame for the good use of power. You are usually in power and could exploit your advantages to the full to wield the power. Therefore, you could gain a good reputation of your lifetime. (Fig 12)
Ending at Mount of Sun 
If your fate line starting from the base of the palm and ends at the Mount of Sun (located below the ring finger), it indicates artistic endowment. You usually could gain wealth by using your artistic talents. (Fig 13)

Fig 15

Fig 14
Ending at Mount of Mercury
If your fate line starting from the base of the palm and ends at the Mount of Mercury (located below the little finger), it indicates great achievement in business investment. If you have such kind of a line in both of the two hands, it shows you are proficient in business and could achieve a great success in commerce. (Fig 14)
Surrounded by the Life Line 
If the fate line is surrounded by the life line, it indicates the abuse of affection. You are inclined to be infatuated with a married man or woman. So, you usually have a lot of troubles with such a line. (Fig 15)
Stopped by the Heart Line

Fig 18

Fig 17

Fig 16
If you find the fate line ends at the heart line, it means your career is affected by your emotion. You usually let your emotions interfere with career or rule business decisions. It also indicates a career decline from the age of 50.

● If the fate line runs through the head line, you parents may divorce at your early age. It’s suggested to first marry and then establish your business. Only this way could enable you to get a success. (Fig 16)

● If the fate line doesn’t penetrate the head line, it shows a good wealth and fame during the youth. Also, you are easy to give up halfway when doing things thus blocking you from achieving great success. If you belong to this kind of line, you are suggested to learn to save money for the later use. (Fig 17)

● The fate line starting from the Mount of Venus (the portion of the palm surrounded by the life line at the base of the thumb) and ending at the heart line indicates a marriage with a noted or rich person. (Fig 18)
Stopped by the Head Line

Fig 20

Fig 19

● The fate line stopped at the head line shows the cease of work by your own decision. You are endowed with a good talent. But around the age of 35, you are likely to stop your work by your false judgment or decision. After the age, you are hard to have breakthrough in career. (Fig 19)

● If the end of the line becomes thin and pointed, your life during that period is usually difficult. (Fig 20)

Fig 23

Fig 22

Fig 21
● If a break occurs in your fate line from the head line to the heart line, it means your fortune in career after 40 years old is usually not good. After 55, the fortune turns to be good. A female with such a line is usually a terrible housekeeper and easy to be tricked out of money.  (Fig 21)

● A break from the base of the palm indicates a rough childhood and academic disruption at a young age. (Fig 22)

● A break on the fate line from the middle of the palm indicates setbacks in career and property loss after the prime of life. (Fig 23)

Fig 25

Fig 24
● If your fate line has a break and resumes its course parallel to the break, it means you change your job and start a new career. (Fig 24)

● Intermittent: An intermittent fate line indicates twists and turns in career. You are always half-hearted when doing work. So, you are easy to change a job during your life. The gap usually indicates the change of job. (Fig 25)


Fig 28

Fig 27

Fig 26
● A Trident at the end of fate line indicates a famous and rich life. (Fig 26)

● A fork starting from the base of the palm, one extending to the Mount of Sun and the other to the Mount of Venus indicates an excessive desire and fluctuated fortune in life. (Fig 27)

● A branch extending to the Mount of Jupiter from a fate line ending at the Mount of Saturn means you own more than one business or company, or in charge of many works. With such kind of a branch, you usually are in power and have a successful official career. (Fig 28)


Fig 30

Fig 29

If there are islands on your fate line, it indicates blocks in career. The bigger the island is, the more serious the troubles are.  
● An island on the join point of the fate line and head line indicates financial losses or failure of career caused by your wrong decisions. (Fig 29)
● An island on the join point of the fate line and heart line indicates difficulties in career interrupted by your emotions. (Fig 30)

Fig 33

Fig 32

Fig 31

● An island at the end of the fate line shows you couldn’t realize your lofty aspirations during your life, thus be passive and disappointed during the old age. (Fig 31)
● An island on the beginning of a shallow fate line indicates you were born unusually. You are an illegitimate child or orphan. (Fig 32)
● An island located in the middle of the palm on the fate line indicates setbacks in career and a fluctuated destiny after your middle age. (Fig 33)


Fig 35

Fig 34

● If your fate line is chained at the beginning of the fate line, it indicates an unhappy life environment that prevent you from concentrating on study during the youth time. Because of this, you usually get poor marks. (Fig 34)
● If the line is chained at the end, it shows your career doesn't go smoothly during your old age at the same time you would suffer financial losses. (Fig 35)

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