In Palmistry, the line of health is associated with the health of a person – it is an indicator specially of the state of your digestive apparatus, the operation of your liver, and various maladies that can arise from the impairment of important function of these organs. This line is also known as the line of liver, line of Mercury, line of Hepatica, or stomach line. Ideally, this line should not appear at all.

The Line of Mercury has been variously called the Line of Health or the Line of Liver. It runs from the Mount of Mercury down the hand via Mount of Mars. As the name suggests, It represents the health and well being of the person.

An absent line of health usually means that health is not an issue. The apparent and firm line of health is the implication of excellent health of a person. The straighter the line, the better the health of the person. Degree of sickness can be indicated by the strength or weakness of this line. A wavy or broken line (pic A) warns you of potential health problems.

broken health line palmistry

A square found on the line means protection (such as good medical treatment or a narrow escape) whereas island on the line means a potential need for hospitalization. If the health line is crossed, it is believed that the person tend to be prone to accidents.

health line crossing life linethe via lascivia in palmistry
If there is a line branches out from the health line onto the life line it means there may be some sort of life-threatening situation in the old age. According to some palmists, when the mercury line and life line come together, and one is of equal strength to the other, then it will be the date of death, even though the life line should pass this point and appaer to be a much greater length (pic B).

If a triangle is formed by the health, head, and life lines, this is considered very auspicious and the broader the area of this triangle, the greater the person's luck.

Also known as the line of Neptune (pic C), this line is found in very few hands. However, its appearance has become increasingly common in recent years. The line of Via lascivia is usually found parallel to the health line. It originates from the space between the health and life lines, or from the mount of luna. And if it is long, the line ends in the mount of mercury, if it is short it ends on the lower mount of luna.

Formerly thought to indicate excessive interest and overindulgence in sex, but now they believe this line tells about sensitivity to certain foods and other substances. it is also said to indicate allergies and addictions. Substances that this line pinpoints as problematic are drugs - both legal and illegal such as tobacco, alcohol and caffeine.

Other names for this Line:

(1) The Line of Health(2) The Line of Hepatica(3) The Line of Liver
Normal position of the Line:

It starts at the base of the hand near the Line of Fate and runs upward till it ends on the mount of Mercury.

General functions of the Line:

  • It represents the health and disease of the individual.
  • It is an indicator specially of the state of the digestive apparatus, the operation of the liver and various maladies which may arise from the impairment of important function of these organs.
  • Nature of the Line of Mercury   
  • Characteristic features of the subject Absence of the Line Not bad health.

  • A straight deep Line Sign of a good and sound constitution - robust health.

  • Composed of many small lines Unstable condition of general health and bad temperament owing to diseases of the liver or gall bladder - sign of restlessness and pessimism.

  • A chained Line Diseased liver and stomach.

  • If the Line is twisted or wavy Chronic diseases belonging to the ruling Mount.

  • Rising from the Life Line Most unfavourable sign of bad health.

  • Cut by several small horizontal lines Constant headaches.

  • If a star appears where this Line meets Line of Head  Mental disorder which might develop serious complication

  • If an independent cross is seen at any part of the Line Severe agonies and sufferings from disease, in old age.

  • If the Line is the forked in the Quadrangle and one of its branches touches or runs towards the line of Heart under the Mount of Sun.
  • It indicates Heart trouble at prime of youth

  • An island on the Line Delicate health.

  • If the Line runs deep into the Mount of Mercury and branches rise from it Excellent health and great success in business.

  •  If bars, crosses, dots, islands or other defects terminate or are near the ending of the Line Subject unlikely to recover from serious illness.

  • If the Line is straight not joined with the Line of Life and with a well formed rascette Longevity very well assured.

  • A cross towards the termination of the Line with a circle on the Line of Head Blindness.

  • A star close to the Line inside the Triangle Blindness.

Some important TIPS:

  • If there is no line of Health you are probably blessed with excellent health. When it is completely absent the constitution is stronger.
  • If the Health line is more prominent the nervous system is weak. When twisted and irregular - biliousness, liver complaints and kidney trouble are seen.
  • A health line that is red in colour and heavily marked from the heart to the head, denotes danger of apoplexy, brain fever.
  • A health line touching the line of life at any point represents delicate body and weak constitution.
  • A health line formed in little straight pieces denotes bad digestion and stomach related problems.
  • A health line in little islands with long filbert nails denotes trouble to lungs and chest.
  • If the line begins on the Mount of Moon or branches from the Life Line, it is a sign of good business heads.
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